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Bullchain LTD, UIC 207007572, registered office and address of management Bulgaria, Mladost 2, bl. 257 B, fl. ground. Accredited with number BB-136/05.01.2023 by NRA as an exchange service provider ( exchange between virtual currency and virtual currency and fiat currency as well as customer trust wallet provider.

DYN Payments TOO, Reg number: 220940014364, registered office and address of management West Kazakhstan, Uralsk, 090000, Str. Kurmangaza 90. as a financial service provider (ICO launches, Payment processing, E-wallet services, Financial Investment Consultancy, Forex and Security dealing, Hosting of a trading platform (crypto trading), Hosting of forex platform, Issuing debit cards via Mastercard, Visa or China union pay).


Capital at risk.
Please ensure that this crypto venture is compatible with your financial situation and attitude towards hazards. The value of cryptocurrencies can vary dramatically, so please bear in mind that when using our services you are taking a personal risk on changes to their worth (including alterations in the cost of stablecoins). The possibility of loss from cryptocurrency investments can be considerable. Any funds we receive from cryptocurrency transactions are not protected by any Financial Services Compensation Scheme.

Certain products, features, and/or services may not be available in certain jurisdictions due to regulatory restrictions. Please be aware that the availability of these products and services on https://swap.dyakon.eu/ is subject to jurisdictional limitations.